The Department of Oncology develops and implements personalised treatment plans according to the needs of patients diagnosed with cancer.

Turkey is a leading player in the medical tourism/healthcare sector.

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Turkey’s advantage in the field of medical tourism

 The pre- and post-treatment process is planned in detail with the help of state-of-the-art technological facilities and a specialised team of doctors.

Team of psychologists consistin

Treatment follows a multidisciplinary approach with a team of psychologists consisting of an oncology doctor, a chemotherapy nurse, a radiologist, a surgeon, an oncologist and diet and nutrition specialists.

Turkey offers better quality

Successful solutions are offered in diagnosing the disease with advanced technological methods. Pet- CT, one of the most advanced imaging techniques in the field, can detect small cancer cells at an earlier stage. The most appropriate treatment method is planned taking into account factors such as the type and stage of the cancer, the patient’s age, any other medical conditions, personal preferences and home life. With the multidisciplinary approach that is taken, infections, kidney

Turkey is a leading player in the medical tourism/healthcare sector. It is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for a wide range of medical treatments.

Internationally recognised medical facilities with the latest technologies

Highly qualified doctors/surgeons and hospital staff

Significant cost savings compared to domestic private health care

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