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Welcome to True Health Turkey

True Health Turkey is a Turkey-based medical tourism and consulting company. Our ultimate goal is to connect patients from all over the world with the best doctors and hospitals in Turkey.

We make it easy for you to find quality medical care, shorten waiting times and offer the best treatments at affordable prices. True Health Turkey is a user-friendly platform and helps patients all over the world. Our contracted specialists, clinics and hospitals are constantly growing. The best specialists, surgeons and experienced hospitals are ready to support your healing!

Our promise

We will only match you with trusted and certified healthcare providers. Our partners are internationally accredited facilities. The protection of our patients’ privacy is our most important concern and all transactions are treated with absolute confidentiality and never passed on to third parties.

All our partners are listed with photos, prices, ratings and accreditations. You will be in direct contact with the clinic staff. Our main task is to provide you with a personalised quotation from a highly qualified specialist after receiving your request. Each quote will include a detailed treatment plan, package components and exact costs.

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We are different

First of all, we are not another commercial or tourism company. We are medical professionals who care about your health. Of course, any quality service has to be paid for, but we rely entirely on that, making more money from inferior services is nonsensical when it comes to health. Patient satisfaction and successful treatment in expert hands is our priority.

You can easily reach our specialists 7/24 for any reason.

7/24 for any reason