Varicose Veins! simple homemade Medicines

Varicose Veins
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A varicose vein is

a condition in which the veins on your lower limbs get swollen or enlarged. Veins contain valves that function to prevent the blood from flowing backward. When these valves fail to function in the right way, blood either flows backward or starts accumulating in the veins instead of returning to the heart. This can cause long-term health complications leading to the irregular blood supply to the heart. Luckily, there are many treatment options available for this condition. Keep reading to know about the best ayurvedic medicines for varicose veins.

Effective Ways to Prevent Varicose Veins

Here are some of the easy and effective ways to get rid of varicose veins.

  1. Yoga
Effective Ways to Prevent Varicose Veins-yoga

Yoga improves blood circulation and takes the pressure off your veins. The stretching done in yoga relieves swelling and soreness caused by varicose veins. Some of the best yoga poses that help to get rid of this condition include:

  • Fish Pose
  • Wind Relieving Pose
  • Boat Pose
  1. Exercise

Physical activity or exercise can reduce the chances of developing varicose veins. Regular exercise improves blood circulation in your legs and also helps you maintain a healthy weight. It is always recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Some of the best exercises to get rid of varicose veins in the legs include:

  • Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Lunges
  • Leg lifts
  1. Keep your legs elevated

Doing this reduces the pressure in the leg veins as well as improves circulation. If you are planning to sit down for long periods of time, keep your legs elevated.

  1. Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar improves blood flow and also cleanses the body of accumulated toxins. To treat varicose veins, apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to the skin over the varicose veins and massage well. Do this twice a day. You can also drink two teaspoons of ACV in a glass of water. 

Apple cider vinegar is also an effective remedy for fungal infections of the skin.

  1. Leg massage

Massaging the affected area is another remedy that will help to alleviate the discomfort caused by varicose veins. It helps in the easy movement of blood through the veins. While massaging, make sure not to press directly onto the veins as it may damage the fragile tissues.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the different ayurvedic treatments for varicose veins, feel free to talk with our expert doctors online.

Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Varicose Veins

Given below are some of the best ayurvedic medicines for varicose veins.


Ayurvedic Treatments for Varicose Veins-Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, commonly known as “Indian Ginseng” or “Indian Winter Cherry” is a traditional medicine used in Ayurveda to treat a number of health conditions. The regenerative and restorative properties of Ashwagandha support valve health and allow smooth and easy blood flow through the veins. This herb fights inflammation, reduces cortisol levels, increases muscle mass, and provides long-lasting relief for your legs from varicose veins. 

Ashwagandha is also one of the best Ayurvedic medicines for weight loss.

Gotu kola

Gotu kola is an effective ayurvedic medicine that contains a chemical called triterpenic fraction of Centella Asiatica (TTFCA). This chemical is particularly beneficial for varicose veins since it stimulates the production of both elastin and collagen. These connective tissues strengthen the internal lining as well as the walls of your veins. Gotu kola also helps in treating venous insufficiency, a medical condition in which the blood has a hard time flowing properly.

This herb can be used as an ayurvedic treatment for varicose veins in different ways. It can be used as a dried herb in teas, or you can also use it in the form of capsules.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicose Veins-Guggul

Well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, guggul has been used in Ayurveda to treat health problems including arthritis and obesity, the leading causes of varicose veins. It detoxifies unhealthy tissues to relieve the severe pain and inflammation caused due to varicose veins. 

Guggul is also used to manage high cholesterol levels, treat acne and many other skin diseases.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicose Veins-Triphala

Triphala is an effective ayurvedic formula that consists of Bibhitaki, Amla, and Haritaki which aims in promoting health and well-being. It is beneficial in treating varicose veins and helps in detoxifying the blood. Triphala also provides strength to the muscles and also helps to resolve obstruction in both the veins and arteries channel. 


Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicose Veins-Ashwagandha

Manjistha helps in purifying the blood and dissolves impediments in the bloodstream. It is one of the best ayurvedic remedies to treat varicose veins. Other benefits of manjistha include curing acne, eczema, and hyperpigmentation.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicose Veins-turmeric

Due to its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric works well in treating varicose veins. It eases the swelling as well as pain and will also help in stimulating the blood flow by removing the harmful free radicals from the blood and detoxifying it.

Turmeric is also one of the best anti-aging herbs that will help you restore your youthful skin. 

It is always recommended to take the above-mentioned ayurvedic medicines after discussing them with a specialized doctor. You can also consult a doctor online.

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