What can be done for hair health?

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What can be done for hair health?

What can be done for hair health? Do we give due value to hair, one of the most important parts of our appearance? It is very important to keep your hair alive and shiny, worn out by the sea, with many breaks or damaged by great heat. By using the following ingredients, you can restore a healthy look to your hair.
What you eat is important
For healthy, soft and shiny hair, you need enough protein. Meat, eggs, milk and fish are foods that contain a lot of protein. For your hair to meet the need for ferritin, a source of iron and some minerals, you should eat red meat at least once a week. The most important meals for your hair are breakfast and lunch. Also, make sure that your diet is also rich in fruits, vegetables and cereal products. This way your hair will get a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins.

Use a hair conditioner
Electrification can be a problem, especially during the cold winter months. This is due to the dry air and the woolly clothes we wear. You should use a conditioner to soften your hair and prevent electrification.

Moisturise your hair
A moisturising hair mask is necessary for every hair type. If you have straight and slightly wavy hair, you should use a moisturising hair mask once or twice a month. If you have curly hair, you should apply a mask once a week.

Choose the right comb
It is important for the health of your hair to prevent it from getting tangled. Hair that is combed incorrectly will wear out faster. Those with long and thick hair should prefer combs with a large, widely spaced brush. This allows the heat in December to dissipate more quickly, speeds up drying and protects your hair from damage caused by the hairdryer. Those who have medium-length hair should prefer combs with a narrower and denser brush. Experts recommend that you put an emollient cream in a comb with a wide brush and comb it to avoid tangled hair at night.

Beware of tangled hair ends
Sometimes there is no way to solve the mess at the ends of the hair. By creaming and straightening the ends of your hair, or cutting them off if you like, you can prevent the tangles from growing upwards and damaging your hair further.

Apply protective styles!
Try styles like “French curls” or other protective styles. Your hair will grow in a short time.

Behead the hair drying machine
Do not use the machine too intensively while drying your hair. Dry in December and use pollutant-reducing products before drying your hair.

Do not neglect your scalp
You should not only take adequate care of your hair, but also your scalp. Just as we moisturise our face to maintain its vitality, we should do the same for our scalp. The way to healthy hair is to give the same care to your scalp that you give to your hair. Make sure that the product you use maintains the moisture balance.

Clean your hairbrush
The hair left on your brush after combing your hair causes germs and bacteria to multiply. These germs pass on to your hair and cause your hair to lose its health and wear out. Also clean your hair comb once a month. Collect the remaining hair on your brush and hold it under cold water for a few minutes.

Stick to your shampoo
Contrary to most stories, your hair does not get used to a product. Shampoo gets used to your hair and always gives the same result. Shampoo buyers do not stick with their shampoos, which causes the company to change the product. Very few people are satisfied with the product they use for a long period of time. Therefore, many of them keep changing it. However, instead of limiting yourself to one product, offer alternative products.

Sleep carefully
If you are one of those people who constantly turn in bed, you are harming your hair, even if you do not know it. Your hair, which is constantly rubbing against the pillowcase, breaks and wears out. Of course, “lie down like an idol and sleep without turning your head”, we will not know. That’s why we suggest braiding your hair on both sides before you go to bed, so that when you get up in the morning, you will not be in a mess. This ensures less contact and less wear and tear.

Vinegar water
Adding a few drops of vinegar water to your hair just after you leave the bathroom can ensure that your hair is shiny and vibrant.

Be careful with the sprays you use on your hair
Do not use too much of the substances like jelly, spray, mousse that you use to shape your hair. These products will cause your hair to wear out faster. If you can not stop using them, at least do not apply them to the lower part of your hair. Only apply it to the ends.

For water
Water takes care of your body’s moisture balance and hydrates your skin. The same goes for your hair. With plenty of water, you can maintain healthy hair.

At rest,
Your hair needs rest, refrain from chemical applications. So do away with all kinds of lighteners, permanent colours, ombre, shades. If you want to colour your hair, go for semi-permanent, herbal dyes as they are much gentler on your already damaged hair.

Keratin care
At home or at your hairdresser’s, but be sure to do a keratin conditioning treatment. Keratin products can contain formaldehyde, so be careful if you are allergic. A keratin treatment is really very important to restore the health of your hair.

What can be done for hair health?

Stay away from stylers
You should stay away from the appliances you use to style your hair for a while. The extra heat generated by styling products such as blow dryers or curling irons will worsen the condition of your hair. If you are going to use them, apply a protective serum beforehand.

Eliminate breakage
Cutting your hair also helps your hair grow healthier. To have luscious and healthy hair, the ends of your hair should not be worn out.

Supplement with vitamin E
With the minerals in vitamin E, it is possible for your hair to be shiny and healthy. If you like, you can mix vitamin E and oils and apply it to your hair in the form of a mask.

Stay away from chemical products
It is also very important to be mindful of the products you use when trying to nourish your hair. You can protect your hair from chemicals by choosing products that do not contain parabens.

Care with oils
You can do wonders for your hair with coconut oil, argan oil and olive oil. You can also make a nice mixture of the oils. With a treatment that you use once a week, you can make your hair shine in autumn.

Practical recipes for hair masks that strengthen your hair health

Egg mask
Get in the shower and remove the excess water from your hair with a towel after showering. If your hair is short, 1 if it is long, thoroughly beat 2 eggs in a hollow bowl. Massage the lower part of your hair first and then add the egg to the ends. Divide your hair into two or four equal parts

if you cut it off, you can put the egg into your hair more easily. After waiting 30 minutes, get back into the shower. Remember to wash your hair with warm water, not too cold. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to remove the egg cooked with hot water from your hair. The egg makes your hair shiny, nourishes it and strengthens it against hair breakage. Repeat the egg mask once a week.

Mayonnaise and olive oil mask
If your hair is long, add 4, if it is short, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise with the same amount of olive oil and whisk well. Massage this mixture into your hair from roots to ends. Gather your hair like a towel and wrap a warm towel over it. If you have time, wait 1 hour, if it’s tight, 30 minutes. Then shower and wash your hair with warm water. Both will nourish, strengthen and make your hair shiny. You can repeat this mask every 15 days, which moisturises dry and coloured hair.

Special blend for hair by Suna Dumankaya

Mix equal quantities of sesame oil, walnut oil and black cumin. Dissolve 1 capsule each of vitamin B and E in this mixture. Then add 1 capful of pine turpentine. Apply the resulting mixture to your hairline and wrap your hair in cling film for 2 hours. At the end of the time, wash your hair with a suitable shampoo. Apply this formula at least 2 times a week.

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